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Welcome to Couch Cushion Ca$h! My name is Ashley (the hottie patottie next to me is my husband, Chris) and this is our blog. Why name the blog Couch Cushion Ca$h? Great question! Whenever unexpected (often large) financial obligations come up that are outside of our regular budget, my husband and I joke "don't worry, its just couch cushion cash." Then we put our noses to the grindstone and we come up with often creative ways to make extra money - all of which we look forward to sharing with you!

After spending over two decades combined working for some of the largest banks in the world and two of the top consulting companies, and being hounded by countless friends to share our financial "secret sauce" we thought it was about time to help others. Here you'll find our take on money, business, personal finance, getting out of debt, side hustling and so much more.

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